Job Description

We are seeking a creative and skilled Level (Environment) Artist to help us build a rich, interactive world for our 3D game project, currently under development in Unreal Engine 5. Reporting to the Art Director and collaborating closely with the narrative and game design teams, you will work on creating compelling game environments through the clever use of new and existing 3D assets, innovative lighting techniques, and overall space composition.


  1. Generate ideas for levels that enhance the game's vision, in line with narrative systems and motivations.
  2. Work within Unreal to set-dress levels based on general and scene-specific aesthetic guidance, using level blockouts constructed by designers atop landscapes created by the art team.
  3. Collaborate with designers in dressing and polishing your designed levels to highlight story beats and amplify the intended player experience.
  4. Work together with programmers on gameplay events and behaviors to provide spaces for puzzles and interactables.
  5. Collaborate with technical specialists to guide the optimization of your environments and the creation of in-house tools that may assist your process.

Required Skills and Experience

  1. Proven experience as an environment artist or level designer on a commercially shipped title.
  2. Deep understanding of how level and gameplay design can enhance the narrative and visual aspects of a game.
  3. Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to convert creative intuitions into actionable development guidance.
  4. Demonstrable proficiency with Unreal Engine, its world-building tools, and its foliage systems.
  5. Strong understanding of how a high-level prompt for a desired level or event can be ideated, drafted, iterated, and polished into a functional, creative, shippable level.

Preferred Skills and Experience

  1. Proficiency in visual media such as concept art; environmental, architectural, and interior design; illustration and storyboarding; or 3D modeling.
  2. Experience with Blueprints scripting for behaviors, tools, procedural art, etc.
  3. A portfolio of work that demonstrates a diverse range of environmental design and an ability to convey through composition, staging, and lighting.
  4. Familiarity with the new experimental modeling and world creation tools in Unreal Engine 5, including but not limited to procedural content generation (PCG) tools.


08:00 am - 05:00 pm



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