Job Description

We are on the lookout for an enthusiastic Junior Designer to join our talented team. This role presents a wonderful opportunity for those looking to build a career in the gaming industry, specifically in the realm of 3rd person action-adventure games. As a Junior Designer, you'll work under the guidance of a Senior Designer, developing your skills while contributing to content creation for various projects. Our ideal candidate is someone passionate about video games, eager to learn, and equipped with a strong work ethic. Prior experience with Unreal Engine or a similar platform would be a plus. While we've listed the qualifications below, don't hesitate to apply if you don't meet 100% of them.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Support a Senior Designer on level content creation for various projects.
  2. Enhance your design skills using Unreal Engine, through both hands-on experience and in-house training.
  3. Engage in the game development process, gaining a deeper understanding of the lifecycle of game creation.
  4. Playtest content and provide constructive feedback for further improvements.
  5. Work effectively as part of a team in a collaborative environment.
  6. Contribute to the continuous improvement of our design processes.


  1. A robust portfolio demonstrating game or level design content.
  2. Excellent visual, written, and verbal communication skills.
  3. Proactive approach to problem-solving, with the ability to identify issues and devise solutions.
  4. Passionate about both playing games and the game development process.
  5. Prior experience with Unreal Engine or similar platforms is a plus, but not a requirement.


08:00 am - 05:00 pm



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