Job Description

We are seeking an Unreal Technical Artist for a large-scale entertainment project utilizing the Unreal Game Engine. The successful candidate will have extensive experience with Unreal and will work within our Immersive team to support development in various industries such as Film, Gaming, Theme-Park, and VR. You will be pivotal in creating stunning VR/AR experiences, designing FX using Unreal's particle system, and ensuring efficient level implementation in Unreal. Your deep understanding of the Unreal Engine and proficiency with Maya workflows will be key to your role.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Contribute to the development of exceptional VR/AR experiences using Unreal.
  2. Implement lighting and shading for VR scenes and assets in Unreal.
  3. Design and create engaging FX using Unreal's particle system.
  4. Create, debug, and maintain shader and materials graphs throughout production.
  5. Assist the development team with level implementation in Unreal.
  6. Provide guidelines to the art team for content creation specific to Unreal.
  7. Work closely with the art team to ensure levels are efficient and meet runtime performance requirements.
  8. Improve technical pipelines and FX creation techniques/tools.
  9. Document, prototype, and enhance the art pipeline.
  10. Analyze content using profiling tools and collaborate with the developer to reduce scene complexity.

Essential Skills

  1. Thorough knowledge of Unreal Engine for 3D.
  2. Proficiency in working with Maya asset workflows between Maya and Unreal.
  3. Experience with lighting and shading in Unreal.
  4. Proven ability to create functional levels in Unreal.
  5. Understanding of the PBR workflow and textures for look development.
  6. Experience with Source Control (Perforce ideally).
  7. Familiarity with Substance Designer would be advantageous.
  8. Expertise in Blueprints, materials, level streaming - ability to rapidly prototype features using Blueprints/shaders.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  1. Coding in Python, particularly for Maya, to help with tools to improve workflow.
  2. Experience producing pipeline tools for Maya.
  3. Experience with VR, AR, and mobile development.
  4. Experience with performance profiling in Unreal.
  5. Proficiency in writing tools and UI panels for Unreal.
  6. Proven games industry experience, with a Technical Artist credit on at least one published title.
  7. Experience with the Substance suite and Substance Automation Tools.
  8. Shader coding in HLSL / GLSL.

Personal Attributes

  1. Ability to think creatively and overcome technical challenges and limitations.
  2. Excellent communication skills, both on a technical and creative basis.
  3. Artistic inclination along with strong technical skills.
  4. Exceptional time management and organization skills.


08:00 am - 05:00 pm



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