Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Level Designer to join our team, where you'll play a pivotal role in shaping our latest game project from the prototyping phase onward. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing unique world structures, macro level flows, and integrating narrative beats with gameplay. You will harness the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) to iterate on environment art layouts, script level progressions, and bring your levels to life. As a trusted member of our team, you'll work autonomously, driving the quality of your levels from inception to completion while proactively identifying opportunities for improvement. This role requires a deep understanding of level design principles, an ability to craft emotionally resonant player experiences, and proficiency in scripting languages.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Join the project during the prototyping phase and contribute key ideas to the overall feel and play of the game.
  2. Design and build a unique world/level structure and macro level flow that seamlessly integrates gameplay and narrative beats.
  3. Use UE5 to whitebox and iterate on environment art layouts, place game objects, and use Blueprints to script level progression.
  4. Collaborate closely with artists, designers, programmers, and other disciplines to craft the vision for your levels.
  5. Take ownership of your levels, driving their development from inception to completion, ensuring quality and efficiency.
  6. Apply your knowledge of level-creation pipelines to continuously improve our approach to level creation.
  7. Contribute to design discussions and provide feedback on all aspects of the game.


  1. Minimum of 3 years of experience in game development, with at least one AAA title shipped preferred.
  2. Proven ability to work autonomously without micromanagement, while still delivering on goals.
  3. Experience taking a game from concept through to launch, and able to contribute to the early design loop.
  4. Solid understanding of level design principles such as level flow, pacing, macro structure, engagement, and environmental storytelling.
  5. Expertise in creating 3D spaces that support combat, traversal, and narrative.
  6. Ability to craft unique player experiences within levels and analyze and critique 3D spaces.
  7. Understanding of Unreal Engine’s level editor and level streaming / world partition systems, or related experience.
  8. Experience with Unreal Engine Blueprints or alternative scripting languages for scripting level progression and event choreography.
  9. Passion for and understanding of Character Action titles.
  10. Self-motivated and able to work independently as part of a fully distributed and, at times, asynchronous team to meet deadlines and milestone requirements.


08:00 am - 05:00 pm



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